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2019 秋季教育展 熱烈招商中

2019 秋季教育展 免費SAT模擬考試
日期:2019年9月28日(週六)• 10am-5pm
地點:Arcadia Masonic Center
地址:50 W. Duarte Rd., Arcadia. CA 91007.(Arcadia 高中對面、圖書館旁)

1. 主演講廳:邀請大學招生專員與學者、教育專家,以實用升學講座,輔以現場發問,為華裔學生和家長提供升大學的多元化協助。

2. 展示攤位:邀請升學輔導機構,提供學生助學貸款與升大學的各類資訊查詢與輔導。
3. 教室Workshop:業者使用約30人教室,個別舉辦workshop。
4. SAT 及 ACT 免費模擬考試:上午提供SAT考試,下午提供ACT考試,每場約40人。

展廳攤位大小及收費:每單位 $450


榮譽贊助 - $12,000
1. 教育展提供兩單位攤位(第一優先選位)。
2. 主演講廳安排40分鐘講座。
3. 公司名稱及Logo放置於主演講廳所懸掛Banner上。
4. 贈送報紙全版彩色廣告兩次(2/3宣傳本活動,1/3客戶使用),於教育展前刊出。
5. 贈送世界日報報紙全頁彩色廣告一次(12/31/2019前使用)。
6. 公司Logo列於彩色全版宣傳廣告中為榮譽贊助。
7. 工商新聞版刊出全篇幅(1/2個全版)「企業巡禮」一次。
8. 秋季教育專刊中Handout專頁全頁彩色廣告。
9. 世界日報新聞專訪。
特別贊助 - $3,500 /每項,SAT免費模擬考試或ACT免費模擬考試(每場約40人次)
1. 教育展提供一單位攤位(優先選位)。
2. 提供教室場地供做模擬考試用 。
3. 贈送世界日報報紙1/4頁彩色廣告一次。
4. 公司Logo列於宣傳廣告中為特別贊助。
5. 秋季教育專刊中Handout專頁1/2頁彩色廣告。
6. 贈送世界日報「教育新知」報導一次。
7. 世界日報新聞專訪。
一般贊助(A) - $2,500 ( 2間教室講座,每間可容約35人 )
1. 教育展提供一單位攤位(優先選位)。
2. 提供教室一間全天供專題演講用途(主題與時段請事先知會主辦單位,以方便代為廣告宣傳)。
3. 公司Logo列於宣傳廣告為一般贊助 。
4. 秋季教育專刊中Handout專頁1/4頁彩色廣告。
5. 贈送世界日報「教育新知」報導一次。
6. 世界日報新聞專訪。
一般贊助(B) - $2,000 (主演講廳講座一場+展覽廳攤位)
1. 教育展提供一單位攤位(優先選位) 。
2. 講座主題請事先知會主辦單位,以方便代為廣告宣傳。
3. 公司Logo列於宣傳廣告為一般贊助 。
4. 贈送世界日報「教育新知」報導一次。
5. 世界日報新聞專訪。

Pursuing the quality of education is always the top priority of every Chinese American family. Being NorthAmerica’s leading Chinese media group, World Journal has organized spring and fall College Fairs for many years. Each Fair feature free SAT and ACT mock tests and seminars for college preparation. These seminars are conducted by faculty members and administrators of well-known colleges and have been eagerly participated by students and parents. Each and every seminar was packed by a big crowd.
2019 World Journal Education Fair & Seminars are looking forward to working with businesses, institutes and individual advisors who share the same commitment to education. World Journal provides a platform for diversified educational resources from organizations and individual educators to help students achieve higher education.
Event Date: September 28 (Saturday), 2019. 10am – 5pm
Location: Arcadia Masonic Center

50 W. Duarte Rd., Arcadia, CA 91007.
Education Fair & Seminar activities:
1. Main Hall Seminars – Hosted by representatives of well-known universities and local educators for students and parents on practical tips for college application. All seminars will have a Q&A session.
2. Exhibition booth – College preparation schools, and financial institutions will provide valuable information on the process of applying for colleges and student financial aid.
3. Classroom workshops – Individual classroom workshop with different topics.
4. Free SAT ACT mock test.
Target Exhibitors:
Schools, educational institutions, Chinese schools, SAT& AP preparation services, school guidance and counseling, overseas study programs, summer camps, after-school classes, art training classes, adult schools, non-profit education programs (such as First 5、Say No to Drugs、Say No to Gangster, etc.), financial services, and education related products and services.
To enhance the effect of the Education Fair and to serve those who can not attend the event, World Journal LA will publish an Education Supplement and distributed at the event and circulate with newspaper in the
week before the event. The readers can keep the Education Supplement & also upload to WJ APP channel
for the days to come and extend the event and advertising effect for advertisers.
Event promotion platform:
World Journal newspaper, World Journal Website, WJ APP. Social media like Facebook, Wechat, Weibo, etc.
Exhibition booth : $450 per booth,
Include one table and 2 chairs. Booth allocation decided by random drawing.
“ Education new trends “ on WJ newspaper.
Please fill out registration form and send back to the organizer to complete the application procedure.
If the exhibitor cannot attend the Event after completing the application, 20% cancellation charge will still apply.

Honorary Sponsorship : $12,000
1. Two exhibition booths in the Education Fair. (1st priority selection)
2. 40 minutes seminar at Main Seminar Hall.
3. Company logo on the banner in Main Seminar Hall (Auditorium)
4. Two times of 1/3 page color ad in the full page event promotional color ads.
(usage of full page ad placement exp.9/28/2019)
5. One full page color advertisement in World Journal newspaper.
(usage of full page ad placement exp.12/31/2019)
6. Company name and logo in the ad as ”Honorary Sponsorship”.
7. One news release in Consumer News Section. (1/2 of a full page)
8. Full page color advertisement in handout section, 2019 Fall “Education Supplement”.
9. World Journal news article special report, WJLAEVENT online & Social media exposure..
Special Sponsorship : $3,500/ea.
Sponsor of “SAT mock test" or "ACT mock test” (40 seats per test)
1. One exhibition booth in the Education Fair. (2nd priority selection)
2. Room for whole day mock test or competition use.
3. 1/4 page color advertisement in World Journal newspaper
4. Company logo in the full page Education Fair color ad as ”Special Sponsorship”
5. Half page color advertisement in “Handout” section inside 2019 Fall “Education Supplement”.
6. World Journal news article special report, WJLAEVENT online & Social media exposure
7. “Education new trends “ on WJ newspaper.
General Sponsorship (A) : $2,500
(Classroom workshop. Total 2 rooms, each room can saets 35 )
1. One exhibition booth in the Education Fair. (Priority selection)
2. One classroom for whole day counseling or seminar use.
(For other use, please notify the organizer first.)
3. Company logo in the ad as ”General Sponsorship”
4. Quarter page color advertisement in “Handout” section inside 2019 Fall “Education Supplement”.
5. World Journal news article special report.
6. “Education new trends “ on WJ newspaper.
General Sponsorship (B) : $2,000 (Main Hall Seminar + booth)
40 minutes each session, sessions order will be decided by random drawing.
1. One exhibition booth in the Education Fair (Priority selection)
2. Please notify World Journal in advance of the self-decided topic for promotion.
3. Company logo in the as ”General Sponsorship”
4. World Journal news article special report.
5. “Education new trends “ on WJ newspaper.

Education Fair & Seminars
1588 Corporate Center Dr., Monterey Park, CA 91754
Tel: (323) 268-4982 Fax: (323) 266-2994
2019 Fall Host by Education

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